Sunday, March 14, 2010

When in doubt of what beer you think you'd like to try, ask someone who knows!

Ok-you got me! This post is not a craft or decoration or food, but it does make life more fun and enjoyable...which I would say is clever :)

Last week I stopped into my local Whole Foods in search of the beer that I've been loving lately, Rising Moon by Blue Moon. Blue Moon's site describes Rising Moon as "Wheat Ale with extra zest...Crisp with a subtle citrus taste...Brewed with fresh Kieffer lime leaves and peel." It's fresh-tasting without being too heavy, but enough flavor so it's not a bottle of water. The lime hints are in sync with my anticipation for spring!

Back to the story: I got to the beer section and noticed an employee stocking brew. After looking at the bottles I was sad not to see my Moon. I turned to the employee and asked him if there were any citrusy beers like Rising Moon. He told me that it was a little early in the season for the store to carry the limey-lemmony flavored beers that I was craving, so instead he suggested that I try Wittekerke.

I learned that Wittekerke is a wheat beer imported from Belgium He said it was, "what Blue Moon is trying to be". I bought it, brought it home, and determined that it's a great beer! It's fragrance isn't necessarily citrusy, but more floral. It's full flavored and not bitter. I love it! I would have never tried this beer if I hadn't been steered towards it. So I say to you, when in doubt of what beer you think you'd like to try, ask someone who knows! Thanks clever Whole Foods beer guy! :)