Monday, September 3, 2012

What to do with all those cute clippies!

If you love clippies as much as I do, you (like me) probably have an impressive collection ;)  My clippies used to be all over my sink, on counters, etc. until I Googled hair clip storage and learned about bow boards.  As you can see, bow boards are framed boards with ribbons on them that you can clip your clippies onto.  Genius right?!  

I love this idea, but decided on an easier, but similar project for today; which I call a Clip Strip!  

What I did was find a wider piece of ribbon that I liked, figured out how long I wanted it to be, and hot glued a Command Picture Hanging Strip to the back of the ribbon.  I opted for the strips instead of a thumbtack or hook because I want the clip strip to stay on the wall when I take clippies off.

The Command strips velcro to each other and create a strong seal: 

I hot glued the ribbon and strip together so that the bond would be strong between the fabric and the adhesive and not fall off my wall: 

Next steps: vertically adhere your Clip Strip to the wall with the Command strip and secure your clippies! :)

A+ Accessory Storage!

Empty oatmeal container=clever headband storage! 

Recently I've started wearing more headbands, and I've been trying to find a good way to store them all and keep them looking nice. I Googled headband storage and found this great idea from Makoodle.   

This project includes an empty oatmeal can, batting (or I used fleece), hot glue gun (yes I cringed too, but I found a good one that doesn't burn!), cute fabric, and ribbon.  

When I first saw Makoodle's 'how to' I have to admit that I was not super excited about a fabric craft because I haven't used fabric in a lot of crafts.  I wrote a list of what I needed and headed to my local Joann's Fabrics store.  I didn't know where to start so I told a very nice store associate what I wanted to do and what I needed.  She introduced me to the remnant section where I found a piece of fleece that worked as my batting:

Then I found my way over to the fabrics and picked up some fabric quarters I liked (cheaper than buying yards):

Then, I went in search of the most feared item on my list: the hot glue gun!  Chuckle as you may, I have memories (and scars!) of when I was younger and used the hot glue gun for projects-ouch!  Very happily I found a 'Cool Shot' which is advertised to be safe and cooler than other guns.  I have to tell you that it was a little more than a regular glue gun, but so worth it!  Even when I accidently touched the 'hot' glue, I did not get burned :)  Magic!  

Once I got home, I cleaned out my empty oatmeal can with a damp paper towel and got to batting!  I'm big on eye-balling my measurements rather than writing them down so that's what you see below:

Then I got to 'cool' gluing ;)  I did two layers of the fleece:

I kept room at the top so that the lid could still fit.  This way I had extra storage inside the container:

Then I glued the fabric onto the fleece:


Then I glued a ribbon around the top and seam of the container:

I attached a mock handle on the top of the lid for extra detail:

A place for everything and everything in its place :) :

P.S.: Check out all this room inside the container!: