Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haha Happy Father's Day!

Is your dad hard to shop for?  I know mine is! 
This year I had to get clever.  I'm giving him the gift that he won't want to return-himself!  I used a popular photo processing site to help me make a mock cover of TV Guide with my dad as the "star".  To try this with your dad (or whoever you want) go to walgreens.com

When you've gone to Walgreens.com:
-Click the "photo" link at the top near the center
-Create or log in to your account
-Click on "gifts" at the top near the center
-Click on "Under $10" on the left hand side
-Scroll down and select "8X10 Magazine Covers"

You can choose from lots of different mock-a-zine covers from Dog Fancy to Field and Stream!  Have fun with it!