Saturday, April 3, 2010

Copying Martha Stewart...

I get Martha Stewart Living the magazine and in this month's zine there was an article on egg dying.  Martha and co. used shapes made of electrical tape, put the shapes on the eggs, dropped them in one color, took the tape off, and dropped them in another color.  I tried to make shapes out of the tape, but ended up with strips and squares.  I like the effect and am excited to give some of these as cute & clever gifts :)

Because I bought my egg dying kit and vinegar from the Dollar Store I had enough $ left to buy Eggland's Best Eggs, (I think these taste the best and usually are very fresh).

Cute earrings, but uncomfortable backs?

I loved these earrings when I saw them in the store, but when I wore them I kept getting poked by the post in the back. 

I went to my local Jo Ann's crafts store and found earring backs (in the bead sections) that close completely and don't poke.  I used 2 small pliers (also found in the bead section) to open the loops at the top of these earrings and take off the old backs. Then I used the pliers to attach the new earring backs and close the loops.  Now I feel comfortable and clever whenever I wear them. 

When your accessories are overboard "sweet"...

Recently I purchased these headbands:

I got them for the color and I really did not care for the bow on the side.  I took the bows off, but noticed that the fabric was stained because of the glue.  I used flat beads/buttons and gorilla glue, (my fave and I think it's way better than crazy glue), to cover where the stain was and they hid it perfect.  Now I have stylish headbands and feel clever whenever I wear them!