Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy Beading with a Magnetic Bracelet Clasp!

I was at a Jo Ann's Fabrics and Crafts store today and I saw a length of wire with a magnetic clasp attached at each end of the wire-how clever! No more fidgeting with a clasp, now you can just get the ends close enough to each other and they are attracted and lock. And because this is a one piece clasp, there's no jump ring or crimp bead to worry about. You just unscrew the clasp from one side, side on the beads, and screw the clasp back on-super simple way to bead!

This product should be located in the beading section and it's in a little plastic bag with a paper tag at the top. The brand that I bought was "Darice: Jewelry Designer"-blue label with goldish text. I had to go to a larger Jo Ann's to find this magnetic clasp and bracelet-the little Jo Ann's by me doesn't carry this product. Michael's might also carry this product, but I haven't been there to look yet.

Warning-this wire is thicker than typical bracelet wire, so be careful picking out your beads. If the bead's opening isn't big, then they won't fit on this.

This is the final product-I'm giving it to my partner's grandmother for her Birthday. (Thanks to Arika for the pretty goldy beads!)


  1. Hey I'm glad you could use those beads :) The bracelet looks great!! :) Can't wait to craft with you this weekend

  2. Ahhh crafting sounds soooo good. I'm going to go to and check out what we can do...and then post it on here after we make it:)