Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't like to drink boiling hot water on a hot day? Me neither!

I am a big fan of using stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic ones that leech harmful toxins into water (can cause breast cancer!!!).  The only problem that I've come across using these metal water bottles is that if I leave the bottle in my car for a couple of hours during the summer months, it's boiling lava hot when I come back to get a drink. 

I used to have  a Sigg water bottle, but had to throw it away because I dropped it and cracked.  Recently I started looking around for a new metal water bottle to use.  My friend Arika told me to check in "Klean Kanteens" so I did.  I went to their website and read about the different bottles that they sell.  Happily I came across one that said it was "insulated".  The more I read on amazon reviews and other sites the more I thought that this was the bottle for me.  It is super insulated and is said to keep water cold for a long time even if left in a hot car. 

I bought an insulated Klean Kanteen and so far so good, I'll let you know if it goes sour ;)  If you want to check out more information on this, their site's below and I recommend that you check out the amazon reviews on this.  Good luck staying hydrated and clever ;) (click "kanteens" and then click "wide insulated")...that's what he said...

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