Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Want to "meet up" with other people who share your interests?

Some of your have heard of this and use it, but for those who don't MeetUp.com is a cool site where you can organize a group online and then meet out in the community.  For example, The Ann Arbor Indie Filmgoers is a online group on meet up.  They use the meet up site to pick which movie to see, when to see it, find out how many people are going, etc. and then meet up at the movie theater to see the movie together-I think that they do like a short discussion after at a nearby coffee shop.  Usually the only cost involved is the movie ticket and sometimes you get a discount for going as a group.  It's free to use MeetUp.com, but if you want to create a group that costs a small amount of $. 

How it works:
-Go to http://www.meetup.com
-On the right side of the screen you can enter in a top/interest and see if there's any groups that you can join
-OR-enter in your zip code and see what's around you
-If you find something and want to join, create a free account (you can set up how many emails you want to receive) and RSVP!

I entered in my zip and found the Indie Filmgoers, Ann Arbor Boardgame Group, Ann Arbor Classics Book Group, a knitting group, a diving group, a LGTBQA group, etc.  Try it and see for yourself :)  You can meet some new people in a clever way!

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  1. Love meetup! I found some great foreign language practice groups there.

    Keep up the good blog. ;)