Friday, August 13, 2010

Try taking a picture "from the ground up" ;)

Recently my friend Arika, (she has a great blog:, was looking at some photos I'd taken.  She commented that her favorites were the ones that were taken a little below the "view" of the subject. 

Usually when I take shots like these I get down in the dirt and angle the camera upwards.  (dirty knees and a few bug bites can be clever if you get a great shot!)  I don't always see a great preview of the picture when I take the shot so I take probably 5-10 and then review after each.  I know it sounds a little obsessive, but I really like getting those eye catching stills-like the ones you're enjoying now ;)  I also like to have the "macro" mode and "foliage" mode on.  I have a cannon so these things might be called different things on your camera-basically a mode that shoots small things and a mode that is good for outdoors. 

From a previous entry I mentioned that I always keep my camera on me for when I see something I want to get a shot of.  The vines are from a couple of days ago in a parking lot-go figure! 
I hope this encourages you to try a different angle the next time you take a shot.  Happy hunting ;)

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