Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cute and Easy Halloween Craft

Halloween is my favorite holiday :)  It's during my favorite season and it just seems like the world is a little more creative and fun this time of year.  

 Lately I've been checking out all of the awesome Halloween projects on Craft Gwaker and Dollar Store Crafts and have been inspired to create my own spooky craft ;)

I was able to purchase the items needed for this craft from my local dollar store:

Glass votive holders

Battery operated votives
Halloween ribbons
Googly eyes

 In addition to the items above I used double sided tape and thinner Halloween ribbon to create my spooky candle holder.

This is the Halloween ribbon I found. It was a little wider than the votive holder was tall so I cut it down to fit.

I used double sided tape to secure the ribbon to the votive holder.  

Then I attached (double sided tape again) the thinner ribbon to hide the seams...

And to hide the fringe that came off the wider ribbon after I cut it.

I dropped in my battery operated votive and thought I was done...

But then I saw my googly eyes and thought, 'hmm, this could be a little cuter!'  So I covered the jack-o-lanterns' eyes with the googly eyes (using little bits of double sided tape).

I have to say that it turned out pretty good!  Clever even ;)

I hope you try this project out for yourself :)  

Note: I made these for a battery operated votive candle so I don't know how the tape and googly eyes will react with the heat from a real candle.  

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