Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cocoa Crispy Treats (I'm almost positive that they are 100% gluten free!)

I'm going to an all day training tomorrow for work so I thought it'd be fun to bring a treat to share with my comrades ;).  One of my buds can't have gluten so I challenged myself to make a treat that she could have and we could all enjoy together.  

I researched online and finally decided on rice crispy treats!  The articles and comments that I read told me that butter and marshmallows are typically gluten free, (readers correct me if that's wrong please!), so that just left the crispies.  

I set out looking for crispies that were gluten free and finally found them at Whole Foods (Kroger and Target didn't have any).  I bought a box of Enviro Kidz Organic Koala Crisp cereal and set to work.

I melted 4.5 Tablespoons of butter in a deep pot, and then melted 6 cups of mini marshmallows (1 bag) in the pot.  I transfered the mixture to a large bowl that held 6 cups of Koala Crisp (1 box) and stirred until everything was combined.  I then transfered the sticky deliciousness to a greased pan.  

There were a few crispies left in the bowl so I did a taste test and found out that Koala Crisps are cocoa flavored (surprise!)  When I originally opened the bag I could tell that the crispies were darker than other kinds I've seen, but I thought that was just because they were gluten free (you can tell I'm very new to the gluten-free world!!!)

Since I was a kid I've always loved this treat, but let me tell you, cocoa is the way to go go!!!  The chocolately-salty-buttery-marshmallowy taste is sooo yummy!  Gluten free or not these are some of the best rice crispy treats I've ever had!  Try it out for yourself :) 

P.S. Are you looking for gluten free candy?  Here's a list of gluten free Valentines (and other) candy! 

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