Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes it's better just to buy it ;)

I love Chipotle's cilantro lime rice and I thought I'd try to make it myself.  I got the recipe off Chipotle's fan recipe site ( ), I bought all of the ingredients that I needed except for the basmati rice (I substituted with Uncle Ben's minute rice), and I got to cooking!  I followed the recipe thoroughly, but sadly when it was time to test, the rice tasted so bad!!!  It was super sour and the rice that I substituted was not a good match.  I think that if I would have used basmati rice it might have been better, but still too sour.  If I had an hour to tweak and test different methods I might have come close to Chipotle's, but I know myself.  ;)  I was hungry and impatient so I let it go and am planning on going to Chipolte tomorrow for some delicious hassle-free rice ;)

Sometimes for some people it's better and more clever just to buy it.  We can appreciate the final product that someone else has worked very hard to perfect!

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  1. jen!
    this is jen b. (from summer staff)
    i saw your blog via facebook a while back and discovered stereomood through you--which i LOVE!
    i tried to make chipotle's cilantro lime rice over the weekend too! i definitely recommend basmati rice, but mine was also just ok...i made a tiny batch with leftover rice, so maybe i didn't have the proportions right, but i think it'd be worth trying again.
    hope you are well!!!