Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coordinating Room Decorations

My friend recently gave me a framed mirror that she had bought at ikea a few years back ( ).  I wanted to hang it in my living room, but I also wanted to give it some more character.  I have a quilt in my living room that has this cool sea foam color and was able to find paint that matched it-I used a little bottle of acrylic from Jo Ann's.  I painted the frame the sea foam, but decided that I didn't like the mirror inside and wanted to spruce that up too.

I thought a little and came up with gluing little glass pieces in the same color family from the dollar store on top of the mirror (Gorilla Glue in the smaller clear bottle works the best).  While at the dollar store buying the glass pieces I saw a small box the same wood tone as the frame and bought it too.  When I got home I painted all the wood sea foam, glued the glass on top of the mirror and on the top of the box's lid.  I think it turned out pretty good and it was a cheap a clever way to decorate my space.

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