Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's like making a mixed tape for the whole world ;) is a music site where you can listen for free to mixes made by fellow music lovers!  You can also create a mix; which, to me, feels like I'm making a mixed tape for the whole world to hear :)  Ahhh mixed tapes!  how I miss them....

So go to the site and click where appropriate to listen to some great mixes or you can search for specifics up on the right hand side at the top.  If you want to hear a clever mix from me type in "sounds from jenoe" and get to listening!  Another great mix is called "music for the reluctant studyer".  You can also (on the right hand side) listen to Halloween-type mixes; I just saw one called "Vampire Dance Party" ;)  And if you make a mix, post it on here so we can listen to it too!
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Ok, I forgot to put this the first time: If you are creating a mix, when you get to the "select tracks for your mix" page, click on the "all tracks" tab, type what you want to search for in the box, and then hit enter.  Once you see the song you want appear, drag it over to the left side box.  It took me a little bit to figure this out on my own ;)

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