Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our project from lastnight's Art Class :)

I'm taking a very fun and cool 10-week art class through my local recreation & education department.  The class is called 'Girls Nite Out'.  I thought I had an idea, but I wasn't sure what the class would really be like.  After meeting for the first time tonight, I'm in love :).  I was welcomed into a rustic, but warm and homey backyard studio that was stacked with craft supplies, layered in paint, and occupied by some very nice womyn.  It was someone's Birthday tonight so she brought in cake for the whole class!  Another classmate brought in homemade cookies-I couldn't believe the sense of community I felt :)

The teacher for the class has been doing this class for over 3 years (been a local artist for much longer than that) and my classmates were a mix of old and new participants of it.  She set us to work giving us this picture, wires, bells, and other interesting items and told us to go for it!

I was amazed at what my classmates created along side me!

 I started curling some wire and ended up with a sort of fish sculpture :) 

It was just great to be able to have the time, space, and a very supportive environment to cleverly create in.  My goal is to report to you each week what we make, so stay tuned!


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  2. Hi Anonymous-thanks for the comments. Please don't spam me :)