Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who says valentines are just for kids?!

I have always really liked Valentines Day!  With someone or single-who cares?!  I see Valentines Day as a day to celebrate relationships/friendships and tell your buds/family how much you love them!  I sounds cheesy, but that's me!!!! ;)

This year I decided to try and make my own valentines by making my own clip art!  I made a cool valentines design on card stock using cookie cutters as stencils, Crayola mini stampers, etc.and then took a picture of it.

I saw a stamp that I really liked in a Martha Stewart article and practiced drawing it on pink post-it's.  I thought the design looked cool so I took a picture of it too and then used a pant program to make the background space pink to match.

I uploaded my 2 valentinesy pictures to photo and selected to have my pic's printed out as "wallet size".  When I picked them up there were 4 of the same images on 2 4X6's:

I cut them out and played around with different colors of card stock, shapes, and placements.

I used double-sided tape to stick everything together-I think it works better than glue ;)

Now I have some clever Valentines clip art that I made myself (!) and can use again and again in different ways.  Along with sending out cards in the mail, I might send out a "handmade" email wishing friends V-Day happiness and use the pictures in the email to warm up my message! 

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