Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mosaics! A Beginner's Adventure!

The past few weeks in art class we've been working on creating mosaics!  This is a project that I've always wanted to try!!!

My art teacher described this form of art as "gluing sh*t down!"  And that's exactly what we did ;)

I picked out pieces of glass in the same color family and started gluing it down with mosaic glue (you should be able to find this at your local craft store).  

I used a paint brush to apply the glue to the textured side of the piece of glass and stuck it on-smooth side up.  When I asked why we do texture side down, I was told that when we grout these babies the grout will be harder to get out of the textures pieces.

Here's some other pieces: (I'm excited to show you!)

(A bloom for spring!)

(The brown is the beach and the blue is the water & sky)

(A fellow classmate did these 2 with shaped ceramic tile pieces)

Well, stay tuned!  We're supposed to grout our pieces on Wednesday night so I will post the finished products soon after that :)

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