Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What We Made in Art Class Tonight! (UPDATE!)

I tried using squares of news print to make these flowers and I think I like using the news print even better than the printed paper!

I made one for my Grama out of the crosswords section because I know she likes those ;)  I like that I can personalize my flowers for who I'm going to give them to with by using magazines or news papers; more so than with generic printed paper.


Tonight we made paper flowers to try and encourage more spring timey weather!  Our teacher showed us this cool origami pattern...

Though my pic's are pretty, I'll admit that they are not the easiest to follow.  Here's a link to an Wiki How article with more specific instructions on how to make this Kusudama flower.

We used patterned, square-shaped paper in 3 inch and and 1.5 inch squares.  Our teacher got these papers from online, but you can probably find them a your local craft store.  I also think cutting out newspaper squares would be pretty neat looking too!

Tip: I noticed that when I used the smaller paper I needed 6 petals instead of the 5 I used in making the larger petals.

I made these two beauties by sticking pipe cleaners through the middle and curling the stem :)

I hope this encourages you to try this project.  When I first started I was worried, but after my first petal I got the hang of it pretty well!  Give it a try ;)


  1. Thanks Sarah :) I love your viking face wear on your blog! too cute