Monday, January 31, 2011

:-) Hair Dye Happiness!

Recently I've been wanting to give my hair a color kick.  I used to dye it all the time in college, but haven't colored it in the past couple of years.  I saw an ad in a magazine advertising a new hair dye in a foam version; the foam is advertised not to drip so there's less mess.  Back in college dying my hair was such a fiasco!  Dye drips on the sink, floor, shower curtain, me, etc. so I thought this foam would be an improvement.  

After driving to 3 stores and not being able to find this magic foam dye I was getting a little bummed.  While I was pursing the colors at Kroger I came across a L'Oreal Paris hair dye in a convenient no-drip cream!  I thought, well this will work too! 

I came home, used the cream dye, and have to tell you that I LOVE it!  My color came out great and neither my neck or bathroom are dotted in dye drips ;)  Also, I think the cream conditions better than liquid-based dyes because my scalp is not irritated like it has been with other dyes.  I hope this helps someone out there who's looking for an easier and more clever way to color at home!

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