Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Class-Week #2: Fabric Painting! (Part 1)

I'm a little late with this blog post-this is what we started on last week in class.  

Last week we started part 1 of a 2 part project.  Part 1: Painting fabric. 

Our instructor asked us to use a plethora of supplies and paints to create interesting patterns on fabric.

This classmate painted different spots on her fabric and then folded it over to create a neat kind of wrinkled look.  She told me her color scheme was inspired by St. Patrick's Day!

Another classmate used plastic shapes to stamp on patterns and mix colors.


I painted a design on one side of my fabric and then folded it over so that both sides had the same image.  I used a few sharpies to color in some of the white space, and then cut shapes out of my fabric.   

For the part 2 of this project this week we're going to use the shapes we cut out for ..... to be continued ;)

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